Friday, 6 May 2011


I am still quite new to blogging, and like other blogs have "hopped" around the blogs looking at some amazing blogs. They are so well laid out, informative and professional, that you get as another blogger described "blog envy". I have looked at some blogs and wished that mine could look as good. Then someone told me that they have taken 4 years or more to get their blog looking the way it does. I suppose that me trying to do it in 4 weeks is nigh on impossible.

I was never happy with how my blog was laid out, and with looking at widgets that other people had on theirs, I have customised it to suit what I think my blog is trying to portray. I found my background from Into the Background where two friends design the backgrounds because they love doing it and not for money. Erin was very helpful and made my header for me without me even asking. Take a look if you are thinking of changing your background.

I also sat and thought about what I should be actually saying in my blog, as some people seem extremely articulate and very professional when they review books. Then another blogger just told me to be myself, and show people who I really am, rather than trying to be someone different. Advising me to just talk about my life. I was also told it is better to have 1 dedicated follower than 101 followers who don't really take any notice of what you write or what you are doing. So I have promised myself not to get hung up on other peoples blogs being better than mine!

I will therefore just ramble on about my travels, and do book reviews based on how I actually felt about a book, and whether I would or wouldn't recommend it.

I do still appreciate criticism, both positive and negative. If it is negative though please make it constructive. I have discovered that bloggers are most helpful and willing to share, so any tips I'd be grateful. I would like a tip on how I can get star ratings next to my books if anyone can help me there?

Failing that please follow me when you can. I hope you enjoy what you read.
From the ramblings of a 40 something, tired, sunburnt and sore woman. x