Wednesday, 20 April 2011

What a glorious day!

What can be better than sitting in the garden on a glorious sunny day, with your laptop on your lap and a kindle in your hand. I do enjoy multi tasking in the sun.

I've been going through my holiday pictures and reminiscing. The sunshine makes me want another holiday. I have some time off work now and will be starting to plan my Royal Wedding Garden party for my friends. So any ideas, gratefully received. I am going to try and do a typical English afternoon tea party.

I am a big royalist and love all things royal and feel even more proud to be British when we have an event like this. And I am sorry to sound boastful but I think these sort of events are what the British do best! We are great at pomp and ceremony.

Me and two "Beefeaters" at the Tower of London
I love all things royal

I'm a Northamptonshire girl, home of Althorp House, which is home to Earl Spencer, Princess Diana's brother. It was her childhood home. She was well loved in England and especially in Northamptonshire, and was nicknamed Northamptonshires Rose. Sad she wont be there on her son's big day. 

Anyone else in the UK doing anything for the Royal Wedding? I heard some places are having street parties. Wish ours was!

Well off now to do some more reading in the sunshine. Bye for now.