Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Book Review -- Cambridge Blue by Alison Bruce

Cambridge Blue - This was one of those "cheap" books that I bought for my kindle as it sounded quite interesting and thought it would be okay for a quick read. Well it was more than ok and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The main character is Detective Gary Goodhew who is the youngest detective in Cambridge. He is quite new to the Department and I felt he was quite likeable, although some of his colleagues are not quite sure of him. He immediately clashes with his new partner, DC Kincaide. He starts to investigate the murder of a local woman, but also clashes with his boss when he goes off on his own to do his investigating rather than working as a team and is threatened with suspension for not keeping his boss in the loop. However he is rather good at his job and uncovers a lot of secrets.

I found the plot line really good and it kept me gripped, however I did get a bit lost with the amount of characters and kept forgetting who was who on occasions and had to go back a few pages some times to remind myself who the character was. Also although it kept you guessing on who was actually responsible for the murders, (no spoilers) and sometimes gave you hints that just ended in the middle of nowhere, when you found out who it was it didn't really seem very plausible. I therefore think the ending let it down a bit.

With all that said, I did still enjoy it and I think the lead character could become a serial character but I think a little more thought may need to go into making the ending less rushed.