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Policeman Pete & The Disappearing Fish ~ by Barbara Ann - #blog tour - #BlueLampFoundation charity

TITLE - Policeman Pete & The Disappearing Fish

AUTHOR - Barbara Ann

SERIES - Policeman Pete Book 5

AGE - Pre-school upwards



A few years ago to mark our twenty-fifth Wedding Anniversary my husband had an ornamental pond made in the garden and placed within it twenty-five goldfish. Then over the coming weeks I noticed that the grey heron had started to appear around the little garden pond. As I paid closer attention I saw him pinching one of the goldfish.

When I was asked if I would be interested in reading and reviewing these books, as I don't often review childrens books, I was more than delighted as for each book sold, a donation will be made to "The Blue Lamp Foundation" set up in 2010 by the late PC David Rathband. This charity gives financial support to all 999 emergency personnel who become injured in the line of duty. I am part of that family. 

What makes me smile is that all the happenings in the Policeman Pete books are based on true occurrences from the villages of Saddleworth, a civil parish made up of 7 villages that nestle within the foothills of the Pennines. These stories have been collected and re-told by the author. 

The book is about Mr and Mrs Pollitt who build a pond in their garden to the delight of their children Harry and Emily. They buy 10 fish but the fish keep disappearing. The story tells who the culprit is.

I loved the illustrations which went along with the book as they really brought the book alive. It's a short story but will keep the interest of the children reading it as the pictures will generate discussion. 

The only thing for me is that I would have liked one last page, which could have shown what Policeman Pete did with the little Police hat he made, as I think that the children reading would have been interested in seeing that. However all in all this is a charming little read. 

I have two more reviews to follow on 13th July on other Policeman Pete books. 

Policeman Pete’s Home Safety Tips.

Tip 9 - Policeman Pete says that if you have a baby brother or sister not to put your soft fluffy toys in the bed or pram as it could stop the baby from breathing. Also this could happen to you if you put a plastic bag over your head it would stop you from be able to breathe and make you very poorly.

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"With the children now grown and away at University I began to look forward to the "Retirement Years". The farm was too big for just my husband and I to manage. With this in mind I remembered with love the wonderful times and the little dramas that had happened in and around the farm and villages.
Putting pen to paper I began to write down the little happenings involving the various animals that had occurred over the years, this was purely done for my own benefit and for any future grandchildren that I may have.
Many months later my daughter, by chance read the stories and found them delightful, so much so that she encouraged me to share them with others.

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