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Imposters in Paradise by Maxine Barry ~ Romantic Adventure Blog Tour

Title - Imposters in Paradise

Author - Maxine Barry 

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When Imogen Dacres’ brother, Robbie, dies in mysterious circumstances, she travels to Bermuda in search of the truth. From the minute she sets out on her journey, Imogen is plunged into a web of secrets, lies and mistaken identity. She soon realises that beneath the glamour of Bermuda, there are unseen forces intent on doing her harm. When she meets Morgan Dax, her brother’s boss, and one of the richest men on the island, there is a powerful attraction between them. But did Dax have a hand in Robbie’s death, and can Imogen trust him with her own life?

This standalone, gripping romantic adventure is the first in the Romantic, Passionate, Thrilling Escapes series. Fast-paced plots with strong heroines, sexy heroes and sinister villains in exotic locations – they’re the perfect escape!

Imogen Dacres lies in hospital after a terrible accident, and a case of mistaken identity may save her life.

She didn’t know it, but with her long black hair loose around her shoulders, contrasting startlingly against the simple white hospital gown she was wearing, Imogen created an instant impression. Her big blue eyes were even more huge than ever, and a bruise on the side of one cheek was beginning to make itself known. Her lips, without lipstick, still looked full, but pale and vulnerable.
She was stunning. And he wasn’t at all sure that he liked the way he was feeling. Imogen quickly looked away. She seemed to be having trouble with her breathing.
Sensing her unease, the doctor stirred. ‘We mustn’t over-tire Isadora just now. And … er … I was wondering, if a counsellor …?’ his voice trailed off delicately.
‘Yes, a good idea,’ Elizabeth said at once. ‘I’ll arrange for one. You have to talk to somebody about what happened, my dear,’ she murmured to Imogen. ‘It’s for the best.’
Imogen felt a renewed rush of dismay. Psychiatrists were expensive, and no doubt Elizabeth was paying for this hospital room. And all because she thought Imogen was Isadora. She couldn’t let it go on.
But she was also scared to tell her why. She glanced at the doctor, remembering how worried about Elizabeth he was. If she just blurted out the truth, might she not give the poor old woman a heart attack?
‘Doctor, excuse me, but could you please have a word with these two gentlemen? They insist on …’ Everyone turned to look at the door as a woman in a darker blue uniform, obviously a sister or matron, popped her head around the door.
‘What on earth?’ The doctor took a pace forward as the door opened and two men crowded in behind the matron. Imogen had a quick glimpse of dark blue suits, hard faces, a pair of pale blue eyes and a pair of a hazel eyes, each holding a similar, grim, flat look.
‘You can’t come in here,’ the sister squeaked, scandalised.
‘Indeed you can’t,’ Giles confirmed grimly, walking towards them.
‘We’re looking for Imogen Dacres,’ the hazel-eyed man said stubbornly. ‘Is this her?’
‘No it isn’t. Haven’t you heard the latest press release?’ Giles snapped. ‘There was only one survivor of flight 203, and her name’s Isadora Van Harte.’
The tall man at her side stared at the other two long and hard, his eyes narrowing ominously. Imogen could sense his anger, and also something else. His power ‒ a kind of personal magnetism that seemed to tune in to her nerve endings and send them shivering deliciously.
Again her breath caught in her throat. Reluctantly, she dragged her eyes from his profile and towards the door. Both men were staring at her. Instantly, Imogen was reminded of a pair of wolves on the hunt and shivered. Something dark and frightening touched her spine, hissing a warning.
Elizabeth glanced down at the girl in the bed. And saw how even the little colour she had left had suddenly fled her face. Such lovely blue eyes the child had. And so beautiful. And so obviously scared. 

About the author

Maxine Barry lives in Oxford. She is a full-time author and also practises calligraphy. 

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