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Becca from "If only I could read faster" on Arizona - Guest blogger shares her tips

Hello. I'm welcoming Becca a fellow blogger, from "If only I could read faster". She is joining me to share her love of Arizona, and she has some great photos! This one has to go on my bucket list. Welcome Becca :)

I visited Arizona five times over the space of three or four years. Every visit had a purpose, mainly training for my job at the time, but I always combined it with some extra time to explore.

On my first visit I did the usual touristy things, I didn’t hire a car so I did a day trip on a tour bus. I went to Sedona, home of the red rock and to the Grand Canyon. Both were amazing. The red rocks took my breath away, but the trip that I was on stuck to the touristy places which was frustrating, I wanted to get out there and explore.
The Main Road in Sedona. 

The Magnificent Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon is breathtaking. The first time I walked to the edge of the canyon and looked out was a moment that I will never forget, I don’t think that you can truly appreciate the sheer size of it from photos and films. I was excited too because I treated myself to a helicopter ride over the canyon, something that I had always wanted to do.

It had been a flying visit but a special one, and I was determined to return.

I made sure that on my next visits I always hired a car, this gave me the freedom to explore. There is something incredibly magical about Arizona, I’m not a religious person but there is something very spiritual about it, I have never felt connected to a place like I do there and it really feels like batteries recharge when I’m there.

My second trip took me to a small town (well, they call it a town but it was more of a village in my book!), called Wickenburg. Wickenburg is right in cowboy country, you walk down the side walk and there would be men in cowboy boots, hats and a gun in their holster. That was a bit of a shock, being from England that’s not something that I’m used to, but in Wickenburg it was completely normal, as was riding your Harley with just a cowboy hat on.

I’d definitely recommend stopping in Wickenburg if you do go to Arizona, you can
Lake Watson
drive that way as you head north from Phoenix towards Sedona so it’s a great stop for lunch, you’ll see some amazing sights going that way rather than taking the main highway, make sure that you stop at Lake Watson to stretch your legs too! Then, before Sedona there is a small town called Jerome, definitely worth a stop to admire the views and to see the galleries, there are a lot of artists around Jerome and I defy you not to fall in love with some of the art there.

Snoopy Rock. Can you see him?

I also returned to Sedona on my second visit, staying in a hotel on the main drag which had views over a rock that looked like Snoopy, sunsets were stunning! But it was tourist central with shop after shop trying to sell you expensive keepsakes and souvenirs.  I did a jeep tour out into the rocks, it was fun and took me right out into the middle of the amazing scenery. But the best thing that I did was take myself off out of town where I did a short hike, looking back I was terribly ill-equipped with one small bottle of water despite the 40C heat and I had told no one where I was going. The hike took about two hours and it was stunning, I took some of my favourite ever photos during that hike.
I love this photo I took on my hike in Sedona
It was only when I was about half way round it occurred to me that they have mountain lions in Arizona, and there I was on my own and incredibly isolated. Of course I was absolutely fine but I did drink a huge amount of cold water once I returned to civilisation! You really do need to be prepared for the heat in Arizona, it is damn hot but it is a dry heat so in my book it is a lot more pleasant that many places that aren’t as hot. And of course everywhere has air-conditioning.

Great Cactus
On my next trip I stayed closer to Scottsdale where I was staying and training. The botanical gardens are a brilliant place to visit, the plant life in Arizona is stunning and I am now a huge cactus fan. I think that I actually visited the botanical gardens on at least three of my five trips so it is definitely worth going. I also loved going horse riding in Arizona, it’s a great way to appreciate the desert and tranquillity of the place so I’d hugely recommend that.

I only headed south of Scottsdale once on my last visit to see Tuscon, although I didn’t really get to see that much in the end it was nice to see something a bit different but I do think that the north is more for me, although my next visit I am definitely going to go to Saguaro National Park as I just can’t get enough of the cactus there! 

The food in Arizona isn’t anything special, standard American stuff really. You can get cactus chips but I can’t say that I ever tried them. I did have a delicious salad in Wickenburg once but I can’t remember the name of the place, I could take you there though! 

Me, Becca
Now I no longer have an excuse to visit Arizona I haven’t been in almost six years, but I have no doubt that I will return, you can fly direct from Heathrow with British Airways which makes it easy to get to and if you book at the right times then it isn’t so expensive, but sadly out of my reach at the moment. But I will return, I can’t wait to show my children the cactus that they know I adore, and the hummingbirds, and the red rocks, and the amazing desert scenery, and the beautiful blue sky, and the desert sun warming your skin, and hike around Sedona, and…. Well, you get the picture.

Video - What to see and do in Sedona - Beautiful


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Suggestion from Becca
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Thanks Becca for being part of my blog today. 

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