Friday, 3 February 2017

Travel Blog Review ~ Fuerteventura, Islas Canarias ~ Plus book ideas.

FUERTEVENTURA - Islas Canarias, Espana

Glorious Sandy beach of Caleta De Fuste

When it gets towards the end of the year and you just want some winter sun, the ideal place to head to from the UK is The Canary Islands (Islas Canarias), which are located just off the coast of West Africa. There are several islands to choose from but we just happen to like the resort of Caleta De Fuste on Fuerteventura. It has a lovely sandy beach. A long promenade that stretches around the coast, which is wheelchair and pushchair friendly. 

Promenade around the coast
The Rocky part of the coast

The coastal walk goes around the rocky shore line, and around to the harbour where you can take dive boats from or view the fish, or see the crabs on the rocks. There are plenty of cafes around the walk. You can continue your walk, past the Thelassotherapy Spa and on towards the Atlantic shopping centre. Stop and watch the chipmunks playing on the rocks, or see the camels and maybe take a ride on one. 
The Harbour
The resort of Caleta de Fuste has a main strip with shops and restaurants and is completely wheelchair and pushchair friendly. 

Local Fisherman with his catch

There are several streets of restaurants. You can eat anything from Chinese, Portugese, Steak, American or fish which is often locally caught. There is so much choice! One of our favourites was "15". They have 15 items on the menu and it's like a league table. The meal moves up the table depending on how popular it is. The food is amazing. You can choose to sit indoors or outside amongst the bouganvillea in the courtyard.
There are several different bars; a Blues Bar; Irish Bar; Music Bar and so much more. Some great live music too. 

The Sand dunes of Corralejo

If you want to head further north, you can catch a bus from Caleta De Fuste to Puerto Del Rosario bus station and then catch another bus to Corralejo, which is famous for it's sand dunes, wind surfing and kite surfing. The town itself is an urban sprawl of hotels and apartments, restaurants and bars, but don't worry as nothing is built higher than the palm trees. That is not until you get to the outskirts of Corralejo where you have the big hotels on the beach. 

Freshly caught fish in Corallejo

 Take yourself further round the island to the other side, and there is the resort of El Cotillo. Another fishing village, and popular with backpackers and surfers. The scenery is so dramatic and has some great crashing waves, which are mesmerising to watch. 
Crashing waves at El Cotillo
The Old capital of Betancuria

Carrying on further round the coast there is the old Capital of Betancuria, which was founded in 1405 by the Norman Conqueror Jean de Bethancourt. The area is stunning with mountain views; the highest being Montana de la Atalaya which stands at 724 metres.  It is a beautiful little town with white washed buildings and tiny side streets. 

Iglesia de Santa Maria de Betancuria
Betancuria contains several important religious buildings including the Iglesia de Santa Maria de Betancuria and the convent of San Buenaventura, which originated in 1416.It was consecrated as a cathedral in 1426. Pope Martin the fifth appointed it a Bishops seat, but the positon was never taken up.

There is a car park at the bottom of the hill to the village, as you can't park or take your car up there. You don't need long to walk around there. There are a couple of cafes, but they get very busy as they are only small. 

There is another big resort further south in the Island called Jandia. It is busy with lots of hotels, shops and restaurants, so ideal if you like somewhere a bit busier. 

I thoroughly recommend the island if you want a nice winter break. The temperatures are good year round. Caleta de Fuste is not as windy as the other resorts as it's more sheltered and it's my favourite resort. 

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TITLE - Bay of Secrets

AUTHOR - Rosanna Ley

SYNOPSIS - Spain, 1939. Following the wishes of her parents to keep her safe during the war, a young girl, Julia, enters a convent in Barcelona. Looking for a way to maintain her links to the outside world, she volunteers to help in a maternity clinic. But worrying adoption practices in the clinic force Sister Julia to decide how far she will go to help those placed in her care. England, 2011. Six months after her parents' shocking death, 34-year-old journalist and jazz enthusiast Ruby Rae has finally found the strength to pack away their possessions and sell the family home. But as she does so, she unearths a devastating secret her parents, Vivien and Tom, had kept from her all her life.

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