Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Book Review - If They Could See Me Now ~ Denise Welch

TITLE - If They Could See Me Now

AUTHOR - Denise Welch


PAGES - 400

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Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered exactly how the choices you've made have brought you here? Harper Clarke has....

They all think her life is perfect.

Harper is a beautiful woman, pampered by her attractive, wealthy Husband, living in a gorgeous home. From the outside, everything looks wonderful. 

But they don't see what happens behind closed doors.
Harper is fifty three. Her perfect Husband is a bully, who criticises her looks, her housekeeping and her parenting. Then a nasty anonymous letter makes her question everything she knows about her family.
Harper has never had to strike out on her own. But she doesn't recognise the downtrodden woman looking back at her in the mirror.
Can Harper find the strength to start her life over again? 


When I saw this book, my instant thought was "Denise Welch, an Author?". I had no idea she wrote books and I didn't quite know what to expect as I only knew her as the actress and Loose Woman. Well I have to say I was thoroughly surprised as I thoroughly enjoyed this book! 

The main character is Harper, a beautiful actress, or rather she was. She's married to a wealthy man. She has everything. A gorgeous Husband and a gorgeous home. Her friends think she has it all and are quite envious. What they don't see is what goes on behind closed doors.

Domestic violence doesn't necessarily show itself as physical abuse, but includes emotional abuse too. It's a very emotive subject and if not carefully handed can come across as very crass and demeaning. Well I think Ms Welch handled it very delicately and it was superbly written. 

Harper is a beautiful person and very well liked and adored by some, and you instantly warm to her. She is not materialistic and pompous despite her wealth and success. I was definitely on her side. Her Husband on the other hand was a manipulative control freak. I instantly detested him. It's really good how the author draws you into their lives and makes you take sides.

I was intrigued about how the author would release Harper from her inwardly miserable life. Would she even be able to? Where was she going to go with this character? Could she remove her from the relationship she was trapped in?

I won't include any spoilers, but I loved the depth the Author went to and how delicately she managed the whole situation.

This was a moving, emotional and enjoyable read. I would thoroughly recommend it. I'd like to thank Little Brown for allowing me to read and review the book. 


Denise Welch was born in Whitley Bay, UK, in 1958. She is an award winning actress, TV presenter and author of two 
Sunday Times bestselling autobiographies. Her many credits include Coronation St, Soldier Soldier, Waterloo Road and Boy Meets Girl, to name but a few. She is also an accomplished theatre actress. 

Denise was a panelist on popular daytime show Loose Women for several years.

She is married to artist Lincoln Townley, and has two sons, Matthew and Louis, and stepson Lewis. She now lives a quiet, party-free life in Rural Cheshire.

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