Sunday, 6 November 2016

Book Review ~ Detached by Christina Kilbourne

TITLE - Detached

AUTHOR - Christina Kilbourne

GENRE - Young Adult, Teenager

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Anna has never felt like she belongs, but now she feels detached. The only solution she sees is taking her own life. Through the perspectives of Anna, her best friend, and her mother, her story shows how depression taints even the simplest human interactions, and how different people can interpret the same scenario in vastly different ways.


I personally think this book should come with a note of caution due to the subject matter. For anyone who has been at the front of a family member attempting or committing suicide or for anyone who has felt suicidal, this book could be quite upsetting.

This is a hard hitting and emotional read and I am quite surprised that it's a YA book.
Anna is very well like; much loved by her parents, Brother and School Friends. She's attractive to boys. The problem is she can't see any of this. She doesn't like herself; she doesn't want to be here; she wants to be dead like her beloved Grandparents, who died in an accident.

I liked Anna instantly. She was a caring person and very thoughtful towards others. She even thought about the impact her suicide would have on others and wanted it to be as painless as possible. I hated how she was feeling and I was really routing for her.

The book was written with each of the chapters written from the perspective of each of the different characters. All of the characters were instantly likeable. This was a good way of getting to know them and I enjoyed the way the author portrayed them.

I thought the way Anna's thoughts and plans had been written, on how best to commit suicide was eloquent and very deep. A lot of emotional research had gone into this.

I won't include any spoilers, but this was hard to put down, and very easy to immerse yourself in. It's a very hard hitting and thought provocative read.
Thanks to Net Galley for the opportunity to read this book