Tuesday, 14 June 2016

BOOK REVIEW ~ Keeping Sam by Joanne Phillips ~ Family Saga

Title - Keeping Sam

Author - Joanne Phillips

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When Kate wakes up from a year-long coma, the first person she asks for is her son, Sam. Recovering from a head injury and getting back on her feet takes all of Kate’s energy, but toddler Sam has left a hole in her heart – a hole that isn’t healed by the knowledge that Sam is being cared for by Kate’s mother. Estranged from her parents since she was eighteen, Kate discovers they took Sam home to Cornwall with them months ago, convinced Kate would never wake up. By the time Kate is well enough to travel to reclaim him, she is frantic with worry. Why hasn’t her mother brought Sam to see her? Why haven’t they replied to any of her letters? And why will no one talk to her about the circumstances around her injuries?

My Review

Kate has been in hospital in a coma for a long time. The question is, how did it happen and who or what put her there. The intrigue of this carries on until the end of the book is almost upon you.

From the outset this was a heart wrenching tale of a single Mum, estranged from her parents, and having to fight a custody battle for her young Son Sam. You could feel sorry for her, but she has been portrayed as a fighter and you can imagine that if she was your friend in the real and not fictional world, she wouldn't want your pity.

She gets herself set up in a room in a house, with a landlady and a lodger for company and there her fight begins to get herself back to health; get her son back and work out what happened to her.

I loved Kate's character and really warmed to her with her fight, determination and passion.

This family drama had me hooked and I didn't want to put it down. I could see it as a saga which could be unfolding right now, anywhere in our Country.

This was an enjoyable read, with a lot of drama and content, packed into a fairly quick read. A thoroughly recommended read.

Author bio:

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Joanne Phillips lives in rural Shropshire with her husband and young daughter. She’s the author of romantic comedies Can’t Live Without, The Family Trap, and Cupid’s Way, and the Flora Lively series of contemporary mysteries. Can’t Live Without was an Amazon top 20 bestseller in 2012 and her books regularly appear on category bestseller lists. Before becoming a writer, Joanne had jobs as diverse as hairdresser, air hostess and librarian, but now divides her time between writing and finding creative ways to avoid housework. She’s a fan of super-dark chocolate, iced coffee and Masterchef.

Joanne can be found at www.joannephillips.co.uk where she blogs about writing and publishing and all things books.