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BOOK TOUR & GIVEAWAY - Raising John by Jennifer Lesher ~ Women's Fiction

Welcoming to my blog today, Jennifer Lesher, Author of Raising John

Raising JohnPublisher: Paperback: Cavu Press (Jan. 18, 2014)
Category: Contemporary Fiction, Women’s Fiction
Tour Dates: March, 2014
Available in: Print & Kindle322 pages

How do you go on living when you have done the unforgivable? How do you love a mother you barely remember? John is an orphan who misses the mother he hardly knew. Robert is the drunk driver who killed her. As the story opens we meet 4-year-old John, who wonders why his mother had to die. Robert wakes up in lockup, expecting to sleep off a blackout and go home, until he learns of the accident he caused.
John grows up under the care of his devoted maternal grandmother, who grapples with guilt over her daughter’s past. Just as John is on the cusp of manhood, he must confront his mother’s death anew and question everything he has come to believe about himself and the people he loves.
Robert is sentenced to 4 years in state prison. His incarceration begins a journey that will have a profound effect on not only himself, but on the life of the boy he orphaned, and on the legacy of the young mother who died.


1980, Plainview, Massachusetts

Mary had just zipped up her coat and hooked her book bag on her shoulder when Mr. Sedgefield came up to her.

“Mary, can I talk to you for a minute?”

She set her bookbag back down on her chair. She wondered if she was in trouble.

He was the best teacher she’d ever had. Until the fifth grade all of her teachers had been ladies. She liked having a man teacher, especially a cute one like Mr. Sedgefield. He wore corduroy pants and polo shirts, and instead of wearing those shiny black dress shoes like her father wore, he wore Earth shoes. Her father was so weird; he always wore dorky dress shirts and dress pants like he thought at any moment someone was going to ask him to add a column of numbers, or make an important phone call. Mr. Sedgefield looked more like an older brother or cousin than a total grownup.

And he was really nice to her. Sometimes he’d ruffle her hair when he passed by her and it made her feel good. It was kind of like when Kate’s dad would pat her shoulder and ask her about school.

“Mary, I’m worried about you.”

“Um . . .”

“Is everything okay at home?”

Mary looked down. She shifted her feet around and kept looking at the floor. Her mom always told her she shouldn’t tell other people about the fights, because you’re not supposed to show your dirty linen in public. “It’s okay.”

“Are you sure?”

“I dunno. Yes. It’s okay.”

“Do you know your mom was supposed to come in for parent-teacher conference this week?”

“Um. Didn’t she come?”

Mary knew she’d skipped the conference, and she was pretty sure it was because of her black eye. Sometimes when her father fought with her mom he just pushed her, but sometimes he hit her. And she wouldn’t leave the house looking like that. Yesterday she’d sent Mary to the corner store for milk and bread and a steak. She put the steak on her eye but it was still purple and swollen. Her mom usually looked pretty with her soft wavy brown hair and brown eyes, but with her black eye she looked scary.

“No, Mary, she didn’t come. I tried calling this morning, but there was no answer. It’s not like your mom.”

Mary pulled the zipper on her bag back and forth. She wished she could leave. Mr. Sedgefield was nice, but he would never understand. Her mom would be so embarrassed if someone saw her black eye.

“Mary, you’re a good kid. I want you to know: if you ever want to talk, you can talk to me. And, can you ask your mom to call me?  If she’s not feeling well, we can schedule the conference for later, when she’s feeling better? Deal?”

Mary couldn’t believe she was so dumb. Why hadn’t she thought to tell him her mom was sick? Everybody gets sick sometimes. Next time, that’s what she would say.

“Okay. Thanks. I’ll tell my mom to call you.”

“Okay, Mary. Have a good weekend.”

Mary nodded, but she knew she would probably not have a good weekend. Weekends at her place were never good.

“Thank God it’s Friday! TGIF baby!”

“What do you have planned?”

“I can’t wait for this day to end.”

“My dad is taking us to Great America!”

“I’m going to lay out, all day, both days.”

“My sister is going to the Rush concert in Boston, and she said I maybe I can go if I can sneak out.”

“I got the new Queen album for my birthday — wanna come over and listen to it?”

“We’re going dirt biking, wanna come?”

“Me and Kelly are hitting the mall.”

Mary made her way through the chattering throng leaving school for the day. An older girl pushed past her, wearing a shirt that said “TGIF.” The halls were buzzing with talk of plans, the weekend, how great it was to be out of school for a couple of days.

That morning Mary had woken up with a knot in her stomach, like she did every Friday. She wished she could get a shirt that said “TGIM” for “Thank God It’s Monday.” She wished she could sleep through the weekend, or spend the whole time at Kate’s house. She couldn’t wait for it to be Monday again.

Raising John was a semi-finalist in the Whidbey Writers Workshop MFA Alumni Association Emerging Writers Contest.

Praise for Hungry For Love by Jennifer Lesher:

“Great story and wonderfully created characters!  I truly enjoyed Hungry for Love and am eager for the next story. The character development was great. I was surprised by how I much I liked and disliked Christina in such a short time; one minute I felt bad for her and the next I thought she got what she deserved. This is a really fun and entertaining read.”- Kristin W, Amazon Reviewer

“Fun + Substance.  Funny and frothy in a “chick lit” kind of way, but with heart, and genuine insight into the main character’s emotional life and journey to self-respect. Well written – I look forward to reading this author’s upcoming work.”- Acorn, Amazon Reviewer

“Hungry for Love was tightly plotted and well-written, an easy but satisfying read.“-Twark Main, Amazon Reviewer

“Captivating Read!  I loved how the author introduces the characters and their histories. Great descriptions of feelings and situations. Can’t wait to read more of this series.”-Sara, Amazon Reviewer

About Jennifer Lesher:

Jennifer Lesher is an author, mountain biker, travel junkie, non-sufferer of fools, and graduate of the School of Hard Knocks. Recently Jennifer left her job in the high-tech industry to pursue certification as an airplane mechanic. She will complete her schooling in the spring of 2015 and, FAA willing, will be certified shortly thereafter. She lives in Seattle, Washington.




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