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BOOK TOUR, REVIEW & GIVEAWAY - The Money Tree by LaDonna Smith - Childrens book

Virtual Book Tour Dates: 1/20/14 - 2/17/14
Genre: Children
Follow Tyler on his adventure to get enough money for a cool new toy, without the help of his parents. A witty and fun story with upbeat text for your young child with a valuable lesson about working hard and saving money to get something they really want! The clear text and playful illustrations aim to simplify financial concepts like earning, saving, interest, the difference between needs and wants, and the joy of running one’s own business. To make the otherwise boring topic interesting, the concepts have been explained through small anecdotes accompanied with colorful illustrations to stimulate children and ignite a love of saving.

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About the Author:

LaDonna N. Smith is a certified financial educator whose goal is to educate youth from all walks of life on how to find their path to financial empowerment. LaDonna draws inspiration for her book ideas from several typical parenting routines; watching her children play or argue, overhearing them sing or talk, and listening to all the amazing ideas, concerns, & request that they come up with. The Money Tree, is the first, but her children have inspired many more literary surprises already in the works! LaDonna and her husband reside in New York and have four wonderful children, all with intriguing and different personalities, like the characters she creates in her storybooks.
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1) What was your favourite book/author as a child?

 My favorite book/author as a child was Charlotte's Web/EB White. I will always treasure Charlotte's Web, as my mom shared the story with me when I was a kid, and now that my children are reading Charlotte's Web in school I am able to share my experience/insight on the book with my own children.

2) If you could be a character in a childrens book who would you want to be?
If I could be a character in a children's book it would be Olivia (yes the pig). The world is her stage, she is adventurous, and she doesn't mind being different and going against societal norms.

3) What made you decide to write for the age group you currently write for?
I decided to write for elementary school age children because I believe that teaching children about money early on pays off. While in elementary school children are introduced to math concepts and they are developing their learning style, so I think this is the perfect age group to introduce financial literacy to. The earlier you introduce financial concepts to children, the more likely that they will grow up and make good financial decisions.

4) Do you think it's important that children's books have a morale to them rather than just be a fairy tale?
Fairy tales are usually written for the sole purpose of entertaining. Although I love many of the classic fairy tales, I believe that it is important for children's books to set real examples for children, while providing a moral message that they can use in their day to day lives. 

5) E-book or Paper book? 

Call me old fashioned, but for me I prefer a paper book any day. Although technology/e-books are pretty cool I love opening up and turning the pages of a good book.

6) Coffee or Tea?

I love coffee! I love the aroma, the taste and the energy kick it gives you.

7) Night owl or early bird?

I am a night owl by nature but forced to be an early bird by work.

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The Money Tree by Ladonna N Smith

The Money Tree

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