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BOOK TOUR & GIVEAWAY -- Goodbye Henrietta Street, Lin Treadgold

Safkhet Soul Tour 4th – 8th November 2013

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Lin Treadgold, Author of Goodbye Henrietta Street

Lin Treadgold was born in Yorkshire and attended private education. She is a qualified driving instructor, and owned her own driving school for twenty-five years. After travelling the world and visiting over thirty countries, she retired in 2001 to folllow her husband’s work and live in the Netherlands. From her travelling experiences, she took the opportunity to become a writer and nature conservationist.

1.      What inspired you to become an author?

I have always been a communicative person and loved writing poetry. It was only when I had to give up my profession as a driver trainer, I realised how important it was to find something to do. My husband changed his job due to changes within the company and we found ourselves having to move house and live in The Netherlands. I was unable to follow my profession under the EU rules and the finance to do it all over again, wasn’t worth the effort. I took a holiday and wrote more poetry and it was there that a friend encouraged me to write a book. I was also in the company of a journalist who provided me with the old adage ‘Write about what you know.’ I started taking notes on a sheet of paper and took it home with me. Several weeks later I began writing my book and spending time learning how to do it. I have to admit it took a long time, almost ten years, but I became engrossed in the writing and the more of my story I wrote, the more I realised I wanted to be a writer. I spent all of that time learning how to write.

2. What was your best ever job? 

For sure, being a driving instructor was the best job for me. It suited my personality and I wanted my students to be the best and pass their driving test first time. In the final year I had achieved a high test pass rate and had the highest grade, with the Driving Standards Agency. I later went on to driving instructor training for those who wanted to start their own business. I think this had to be the most successful job with plenty of job satisfaction to see my students move their lives into a better world.

3.      Can you describe your typical writing day? 

Now I am taking a break between books and spending time with book signings and meeting my audience. Starting this October I will continue writing my next book. My typical writing day is to get the housework done first so I don’t feel guilty about an unwashed floor or pots left in the sink! Once I have done that, I sit with a bottle of water, I take frequent breaks for some thinking time, and then having had some inspiration, away I go again. At first, I try to provide an initial overall impression of the story. I try not to be hung up on editing, I now realise after all these years that it’s about quality and not quantity. So I take more time over the five senses to help bring the book alive. I try to write all through the day about three days a week and sometimes four. With the new book I am keen to get it finished and not take ten years over writing it this time!

4.      Do you plot your novels?

I tend to free-write and fix it later. I tried plotting but I find it hard to stick to my plan. The only planning I have to do is the story timelines. If you don’t check those, you can easily lose the plot, so that’s very important.

 5. If you could write in another genre what genre would you choose?

I think I would write a crime novel. Although I have always considered a children’s story. I didn’t plan to write romance as a genre, it just happened, because the characters in my book Goodbye, Henrietta Street were born through a romantic setting on the Isles of Scilly in Cornwall. So my next book will be yet another romance with a twist. I enjoyed writing the first one.

Goodbye Henrietta Street is available now

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