Sunday, 8 September 2013

BOOK REVIEW - 50 People Who Buggered Up Britain -- Quentin Letts - Comedy read

TITLE - 50 People Who Buggered up Britain

AUTHOR - Quentin Letts

PUBLISHER - Constable

PURCHASE FROMPresents for Men 


In half a century we have gone from end-of-Empire to descent-into-Hell. How come, and who caused the decline?
Well-known sketch writer Quentin Letts has penned witty and savage portraits of the 50 people, including royalty, politicians and artists, he considers made Britain the wreck she is today.
Amusing and politically incorrect résumés of people such as Jeffrey Archer, Tony Blair, Paul Burrell, Alastair Campbell, Princess Diana and Sir Alex Ferguson to name but a few! Paperback. 288 pages

I would say first of all this comedy read may suit the male reader better, and therefore may generate a higher star rating from a male reviewer.

The author himself is highly opinionated in his verbal bashing of several politicians, sports personalities, members of the police service, TV personalities and persons who I have never actually heard of. 

His repugnance towards some of the characters in the book seems a bit harsh at times, but then that is the authors opinion and maybe somewhat warranted for some of the characters! I'm sure some Manchester United fans may be a little unhappy about his description of Sir Alex Ferguson.

There was some comedic writing amongst the criticism. He says for example, about TV personality Alan Titchmarsh "Like mint in an 'erbaceous border' he has run rampant through the television schedules, herpes on the lip of a promiscuous teenage girl. That jaunty little topknot of hair, that chirpy smile, those practised Yorkshire vowels. They're everywhere. Alan on 'The Nature of Britain', Alan on 'The Great British Village', Alan's 'Melodies for You' on Radio 2. Alan's ITV chat show. He's more prevalent than the municipal begonia". So amongst the arrogance of the writing there is some comedy. 

It wasn't a bad read and I read about the personalities I knew with interest, even if I was not of the same opinion, but must admit I skim read the ones of persons I had not heard of. 

I think this would be an ideal stocking filler for the man in your life. Especially the one who likes to share his opinions with others. I think it may also spark some good conversations.

This book was given to me in exchange for my honest review, by Presents for Men