Thursday, 2 May 2013

Virtual Book Tour & Giveaway - The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart by T.M.Shannon

The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart
by T.M. Shannon

Genre: Epic/Heroic Fantasy
Publisher: Self-published through
Release Date: 11 February, 2013

Book Description:

“To a kingdom facing darkness, a Hero will come…”

As the King of Talbadas nears his end, and treasonous parties seek to usurp the throne, young farmer Halm Dresden finds that his father’s dying advice, the actions of two elves, and a nightmare vision have put him on a destined path. While impressionable youth and some of his friends join this treacherous league, Dresden has a sword made and prepares for looming conflict…


About The Author:

T.M. Shannon works full time, pays rent, and has a head full of ideas.

He is currently living the dream in Sydney, Australia with his darling other half, and a 99% well-behaved son.

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Excerpt - “Grab”

Dresden got to his feet, stretched his arms and legs, and cracked his neck and knuckles both. He looked to his family with eyes that no longer showed compassion, but dreadful finality; and he made peace with the possibility that he may never see them again.
Dresden?” Kethis asked uncertainly. Bindie and Gorden peered at him.
This will not be,” he said bluntly, his voice calmly level, different. “I will not have my family, nor the people of my town, fear for their lives.” He had nothing else to say; and having uttered those words, he strode for the hallway.
Mum, where is he going?” Gorden asked excitedly. “Where are you going, Dresden?!”
He moved for the study, his eyes set in cold, calculating slits. “Out for a walk,” he growled…