Monday, 13 May 2013

Book Review - The Wedding Diary by Margaret James

Author - Margaret James
Publisher - Choc Lit Publishing
Published date - 07th May 2013
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Blurb from Amazon -
Where's a Fairy Godmother when you need one? If you won a fairy-tale wedding in a luxury hotel, you'd be delighted - right? But what if you didn't have anyone to marry? Cat Aston did have a fiance, but now it looks like her Prince Charming has done a runner.
Adam Lawley was left devastated when his girlfriend turned down his heartfelt proposal. He's made a vow never to fall in love again.
So - when Cat and Adam meet, they shouldn't even consider falling in love. After all, they're both broken hearted. But for some reason they can't stop thinking about each other. Is this their second chance for happiness, or are some things just too good to be true?
This book attracted me from the start with its cover. Until I found this publisher, Choc Lit publishing, I wasn’t really a chic lit kind of reader. I have to say so far I’ve not been disappointed with any of the authors I’ve come across and this book was no exception.

Cat Aston, entered a competition in a magazine and won her dream wedding, in a luxury country hotel with all the trimmings and a magazine photographic deal. Who wouldn’t want that? Only problem is that her fiancé has done a runner and despite her trying desperately to contact him, he hasn’t got in touch with her. He’s gone to find himself!

Elsewhere, Adam Lawley’s girlfriend has left him after he proposed. He feels that life is at an end. Two lost souls. In a way from reading this you feel that the book is going to be a bit predictable, however there are so many obstacles placed in their way, that the predictability soon fades!

I loved the flow of this book and how the chapters seamlessly led into each other. It was a light hearted read with some wonderful characters. Cat comes across as a well balanced girl on the outside, but then you want to shake her when she says stupid things about her loser of a fiancée as she is blinded by love.  I totally immersed myself in the story.

Adam seems like every girls dream; Kind, good looking and a real gentleman. It makes you wonder why his girlfriend turned down his proposal in favouring of going off travelling. I fell in love with him straight away! I started trying to picture who would play him in a rom com version of the book.

The authors’ description of people and places really brought them to life, and you just romanticised as you read through the book. This is another book that I read in two sittings. I have now bought the next book by Margaret James, The Silver Locket, which is part of a trilogy and I can’t wait to get started on it.

Thoroughly recommend this as another “curl up on the sofa” book.
About the Author - courtesy of Amazon author page.
Margaret James was born in Hereford, a beautiful cathedral city in the English Midlands.

She started writing fiction when her children were very small, and published her first novel A Touch of Earth in 1988. Since then, she has expanded her range of writing-related activities to take in journalism, short story writing, teaching creative writing, and editing other people's books.

She was delighted when her novel Elegy for a Queen was featured in the UK's Woman and Home magazine in a selection of the five best time slip novels. The fact that Margaret's own favourite time slip novel The House on the Strand was also featured put a big grin on her face!

Since becoming a novelist, Margaret has realised that having a name like Margaret James leads to lots of confusion, and in her next life she intends to have a name that she shares with absolutely nobody else.

When she's not writing, Margaret loves walking, reading anything and everything, gossiping, gardening and eating chocolate. She quite often manages to eat chocolate and write at the same time, which occasionally makes for a somewhat sticky keyboard, but also makes for happy writing.

Just for the record - this Margaret James wrote: A Touch of Earth, Fortune's Favourite Child, The Treasures of Existence, The Snake Stone, A Green Bay Tree, The Ash Grove, A Special Inheritance, The Final Reckoning, Hallowed Ground, The Morning Promise, The Long Way Home, The Penny Bangle, Elegy for a Queen, The Silver Locket, The Golden Chain, and she contributed to the anthology Loves Me, Loves Me Not. Margaret's latest novel The Wedding Diary is published in 2013.

She was thrilled when The Silver Locket won a prestigious Cataromance Single Titles Award in 2010, and when the cover of The Golden Chain was chosen to feature on the design of a KLM airliner in 2011.


This book was given to me as a review copy. This did not influence my review in any way and I was not paid for my review.