Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Book Review - A Stitch In Time by Amanda James

Title - A Stitch In Time

Author - Amanda James

Publisher - Choc Lit Publishing.

Paperback released 7th April 2013.
E-book now available.

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Book Blurb from Choc Lit Publishing

A stitch in time saves nine …or does it? Sarah Yates is a thirty-something history teacher, divorced, disillusioned and desperate to have more excitement in her life. Making all her dreams come true seems about as likely as climbing Everest in stilettos.
Then one evening the doorbell rings and the handsome and mysterious John Needler brings more excitement than Sarah could ever have imagined. John wants Sarah to go back in time …

Sarah is whisked from the Sheffield Blitz to the suffragette movement in London to the Old American West, trying to make sure people find their happy endings. The only question is, will she ever be able to find hers?
I loved the cover for this book and I found the book blurb intriguing. I was drawn into this book from the start. Sarah the main character was instantly likeable. She's a teacher and a girl who on the whole loves most of the kids she teaches. She also loves nothing more than grabbing a coffee with her best friend, then going home to her cosy house and husband. Many readers will identify with her. Like real life, this can all end in the blink of an eye.
Where the book then takes you is on a fascinating journey back in time to Edwardian England; The Blitz and across the ocean to the original American Homesteaders.
The concept of the book "A Stitch in Time" is so imaginative and unbelievable but it works and is at the same time wonderfully fascinating. Sarah is the "Stitch" who is sent back in time to fix things, and safe lives. She has to work out who's life she has to save. Whenever you hear again the phrase "A Stitch in Time" I can guarantee you will always think of this book.
Each adventure into the past is seamlessly written and you are instantly drawn into the era that Sarah finds herself in. You can visualise the sights Sarah is faced with due to the vivid descriptions by the author.
One of the other main characters is John, who is a Time Needle. He is Sarah's link to the tasks set for her.
As bizarre as the subject matter sounds, this book really works and I was hooked.
If you're looking for a book that's well written, romantic, imaginative and different from the norm, then I thoroughly recommend it. It's a keeper for me!
Amanda James (aka Mandy) was born in Sheffield and now lives in Bristol with her husband and two cats. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, singing and spending lots of time with her grandson. She also admits to spending far too much time chatting on Twitter and Facebook! Mandy recently left her teaching role to follow her ambition to liver her life doing what she most enjoys - writing. Lucky for us eh?
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