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Book Review & Giveaway - Divorce for Beginners by Sophie King

Title - Divorce for Beginners

Author - Sophie King

Publisher - Corazon Books

Length - 399 pages.

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Blurb from Amazon
The new novel from the #1 bestselling author of The School Run.

Divorce for Beginners: a witty romance. What happens when love turns into lies?

Sophie King brings us another heart-warming story of likeable characters you'll recognise from everyday life. Lizzie, Alison, Karen and Ed are all coming to terms with life, and love, after marriage. Whatever your own love life is like, you'll find yourself rooting for them to find happiness as you laugh and cry along with all four.

My Review

I love this authors style of writing, and although I am not usually a chic lit type of girl, I have really taken to this author and her other books.

This book was the tale of several women and a couple of men, who's lives had been turned upside down by their partners leaving or them leaving their partners. Each character had their own story to tell and they were all very different. 

Karen and her Husband had separated and she had an idea to set up a club for people to get together and chat about Divorce and separation, and help each other work through it. A club where people had someone to talk to. She soon got people to join. I loved the characters in the book and their quirky ways. It was lovely to see how they all developed throughout the book and how they managed to turn their lives around. The author manages to write the characters in such a way that you really warm to them. 

At the beginning of the book there is a section called "Who's who in Divorce for Beginners". To start with I had to keep referring to this as I was getting confused as to who was who. There are a lot of characters in this book; from the persons attending the group to their friends and family members and I sometimes found myself getting confused as to who belonged to who, especially if I had put the book down for a couple of days due to having no time to read.  I don't know if this is a problem with me and my memory as this has happened to me with a couple of books now. If I don't keep reading a book with lots of characters in it, I soon lose the thread of who is who. This is the only reason I dropped it a star. I had a picture of them all in my head, it's just they got jumbled as to who lived with who and who was married to who.

There is certainly enough to keep you interested in the book, and out of pure feminine nosiness, where you feel like you are intruding into their lives, you just have to keep reading to find out what happens to everyone. It's not all plain sailing but that again helped to keep your interest.

I will certainly continue to read more by this author, and look forward to her next book.

About the Author

Sophie King (also writing as Janey Fraser) is a journalist and novelist. She has had seven novels published, including The School Run (2005), which was a best-seller, and The Wedding Party (2010), which was short listed for the RNA Love Story of The Year. Her first short story collection, Tales from the Heart, is now available and her latest novel, Divorce For Beginners, is published in August 2012.

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