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Book Review & Giveaway - Dream A Little Dream - Sue Moorcroft

Title - Dream a Little Dream

Author - Sue Moorcroft

Publisher - Choc Lit

Pages - 336


BLURB from Amazon
What would you give to make your dreams come true?

Liza Reece has a dream. Working as a reflexologist for a troubled holistic centre isn’t enough. When the opportunity arises to take over the Centre she jumps at it. Problem is, she needs funds, and fast, as she’s not the only one interested.

Dominic Christy has dreams of his own. Diagnosed as suffering from a rare sleep disorder, disillusioned with his live-in girlfriend and discharged from the job he adored as an Air Traffic Controller, he’s single-minded in his aims. He has money, and plans for the Centre that don’t include Liza and her team. 

But dreams have a way of shifting and changing and Dominic’s growing fascination with Liza threatens to reshape his. And then it’s time to wake up to the truth ... 

Sue Moorcroft won the 2011 Best Romantic Read Award for her novel, Love & Freedom.

I was never into "Chic Lit" books, until I was introduced to this author. I have since read a few authors in this genre, but this one has to be one of my favourites, with every book of Sue Moorcroft's I've read so far hard to put down. This book was no different, in fact I think so far it's my favourite.

Liza is a character that popped up in another of Sue Moorcroft's books "All that Mullarkey" but don't let that put you off, as this is a standalone book and is a brand new story.

Liza and Dominic's chance meeting through an appointment at the Therapy Centre Liza works at, throws up some instant sexual tension, that carries on throughout the book. They are both from failed relationships, that failed for different, yet equally important reasons. Everyone, from friends and family, want them to get together, but they are both very reluctant for this to happen due to being hurt in the past.

 I loved the way the author delicately handled the subject of narcolepsy which Dominic suffers from, and it is obvious a lot of research has gone into it the subject matter. It fitted in with the story line extremely well, and added to the interest of the book.

There are some very strong characters in the book, some whom you love and some whom you love to hate. I found them very well written and would love to know if the author has based them on anyone she knows! Maybe I'll ask her for an interview :)

As I thoroughly enjoyed this book, reading it over two sittings, I would love to give you the opportunity to read it. I am therefore offering an e-book version of the book in an International Giveaway. If you've not read this author's books anymore then I really suggest you give them a try!

About the Author (taken from Amazon) 

Sue Moorcroft writes novels of dauntless heroines and irresistible heroes. She loves her Choc Lit novels as, as well as selling nicely, they have such looooovely covers.
Her latest, Dream a Little Dream, is out now in the Kindle store and the paperback launches on 7 November 2012. Love & Freedom, won the Best Romantic Read Award 2011.
As a bonus for readers, Sue has written a new novella, Darcie's Dilemma, which you can find in the Kindle store, along with the ebooks of her first novel, Uphill All the Way, and novellas A Place to Call Home, Between Two Worlds, Where the Heart Is and One Summer in Malta.
Sue also writes short stories, serials, articles, columns, courses and "how to" books. (Yes - she works jolly hard.) A creative writing tutor for distance learning, residential courses and adult learning, she has brought together all her skills to bring you Love Writing - How To make Money Writing Romantic Or Erotic Fiction, calling on a multitude of published writers and industry professionals to contribute their tips to the book.
A long-standing member of the Romantic Novelists' Association, Sue is the editor of Loves Me, Loves Me Not, a short-story anthology published to celebrate the association's 50th Anniversary. It was a huge project but what has come out is such a good book!
You'll see from her author page that she's contributed to other anthologies, usually for charity.
For those who like to know biographical detail, Sue was born in Germany, part of an army family, and lived in Cyprus and Malta, as well as the UK. She's worked in a bank, as a bookkeeper (probably a mistake), as a copytaker for Motor Cycle News and for a typesetter, but is pleased to have wriggled out of all those 'proper jobs'.

Visit her website by clicking here and to read her blog click here  

 If you're on Twitter follow @suemoorcroft or Facebook sue.moorcroft.3 .

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