Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Book Review - Just a little drop more by Gordon Macleod

TitleJust a Little Drop More 

Author Gordon Macleod

Genre - Family drama

Available from Amazon UK / Amazon US

This author was recommended to me and I had not heard of his work before. I am always keen to try new authors so was happy to read and review it.
 The story is set in a beautiful area of Scotland, and the main character James, takes you on a wonderful journey across the sea’s on different Caledonian Macbrayne ferries to different Scottish Isles. The writer really brings this area to life and immerses you into the travelling so you can almost smell the salty seas.
The main part of the story is centered around James’ who whilst on route to his Daughter's ends up with a stay in a care home. He meets some lovely residents with whom he becomes good friends with. James is a very caring character and is always concerned for the welfare of his fellow man.
Also in the care home are a multitude of staff in varying positions. It is run with a rod of iron. He meets some friendly staff like the lovely Natalie, but then also comes across some horrendous staff. This really hit home to me as I spent a shift working in a care home, after taking on a position as a carer as a 2nd job. I too witnessed things that I never envisaged went on behind closed doors. I fortunately was in a position to report it. James himself is not in such an easy position as he expects no-one will believe him.
I won’t say much more about the plot as it will spoil the story. I felt that the author handled the story extremely well, and very delicately. It was an upsetting book at times, but very well written.
The grammar needs refining at odd times, and on the odd occasion he transposed the word he with she. I also felt the book ended abruptly and I would have liked it to have gone a little further.  Aside from this, I really enjoyed the book and liked the way the author relayed the story by making James a compassionate person. It is hard to put down as you just want to see what happens next. I would certainly read other books by this author.

Gordon MacLeod, born in 1967, was raised on the Isle of Arran in Scotland.
He now lives in the Far North of Scotland.
He wrote his first novel in 1997, which was published in 2009, when tartanmoon.com, an electronic publishing house, published it.
It was an immediate success being one of that publisher's best sellers at the time, and was compared by them to 'Whisky Galore'.
His next, '76', was written in 2009, and published by Amazon for Kindle and other applications in July 2011.
Gordon has also completed another novel called, 'Just a Little Drop More', and this was released in the third week of July, 2012, on Amazon for Kindle.
Gordon podcasts monthly about his work and social issues, and these Podcasts are available from the Apple itunes store for free.
A link to his most recent about his new book, 'Just a Little Drop More', is given below:
Gordon's early novels are based on the island of Arran where he grew up.
Also featured are many of his other favourite locations, like the Isle of Raasay which he views as his ancestral home, and other picturesque places across the Highlands of Scotland.
He communicates a deep respect for these environments, and recounts much of the history that has impacted upon them, in his novels.
Although the genre of his novels is often adventure, there are more serious underlying themes to be detected in his works by the more discerning reader, including environmental concern, migration, independence, cultural diversity and inhumane and degrading treatment.
Throughout his works, the features of Arran can often be found personified in some of the characters, and it is the beauty of that island that he seems to draw the reader to, time and time again.
It is apparent that this small island in the Firth of Clyde, off the West Coast of Scotland, has been the inspiration behind much of his writing.
You can learn more about Gordon and his writing projects by visiting his website:

Why not have a look at Gordon’s other book “76”.
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This "about the author" excerpt was kindly reproduced from the Author's Amazon Web page, by kind permission of the author himself.