Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Coming soon - Divorce for Beginners by Sophie King

I have come to love the books by Sophie King, and her other books written under the name Janey Fraser. She writes with passion and wit and her books always leave me feeling on a high. Check out her new book out soon for the Kindle. Why dont you add it to your Amazon wishlist!



Sophie King brings us another witty and heart-warming
story of likeable characters you'll recognise from everyday
life. Lizzie, Alison, Karen and Ed are all coming to terms
with life, and love, after marriage. Whatever your own
love life is like, you'll find yourself rooting for them to find
happiness as you laugh and cry along with all four.

As Lizzie juggles running a failing women's magazine
with bringing up a young family she ponders on whether
you really can “have it all”. The answer comes sooner than
she expects when her husband's actions turn her world
upside down...

Alison should be looking forward to a quieter life with
David now that their youngest has flown the nest. But
David has other ideas and his increasingly bizarre
behaviour leaves Alison wondering if she really knows her
husband at all...

Karen has managed to hold her family together since leaving her husband Paul many years
before. That makes her the perfect person to start The How to Survive Divorce Club, to help
others on their own. But as the burden of past secrets unravels, Karen realises she needs help too.

Ed really believes in marriage. So much so that he's done it three times already. But as his
work and home life get ever more complicated, will he ever be able to find “the One”...?
Add in an overbearing sister, a troublesome step-brother, the surprise return of faces from the past, grown up kids with their own problems, and ageing parents who've discovered the ups (and downs) of internet dating and you have a gripping and entertaining tale of modern life as our foursome struggle with... Divorce for Beginners.

Divorce for Beginners is published by Corazon Books exclusively as an ebook from
December 18th 2012 (£1.99).

Sophie King's novel The School Run was a recent top ten Kindle bestseller and #1 in Amazon's Women Writers and Fiction chart (for both books and ebooks), knocking Fifty Shades of Grey off the top spot. Sophie King is the pen-name of journalist Jane Bidder, who has written extensively for the British press including The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail, Woman, Woman’s Weekly, My Weekly and Good Housekeeping.