Friday, 31 August 2012

LASHWORLD TOUR - How to arrive in a destination and find a room

I have been following this blog for sometime now, and being an avid traveller I have to admit I'm very envious of her nomadic lifestyle travelling the world.

About Lash -
Hi! I'm an American nomadic world traveler who's been traveling solo since 1998.
 I’m passionate about traveling the world nomadically and then sharing it all with you.
 I hope to inspire you to travel the world, to entertain you with tales from the road, and to help you reach your travel dreams.

It's not very often that I rave about someone's blog, although there are many that I enjoy reading, but if you are an avid traveller like me, then have a wander over, and see all the wonderful places she has been to.

Lash arrives in a place and looks for somewhere to stay. It can be a bed and breakfast or a homestay. She has managed to find some wonderful places, with some of the most magnificent scenery. Oh if only I was as adventurous.

Take a look. Her blog is full of travel tips; free guides; wonderful photography of people, scenery and food, and much much more.