Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Book review - Tales from the Heart by Sophie King

Tales from the Heart

by Sophie King

Published by: Corazon Books

Available at:- Amazon Kindle

Blurb from Amazon.
A woman cooks a meal for her ex-husband, but has more than food on her mind...
Can a new arrival remind a family of what is really important in life..?
A young couple's love transports an elderly woman into the past...
Will love second time around heal old scars..?
Warring grandparents refuse to see eye to eye...
Are family secrets best kept hidden..?
A wise man's last request brings surprises for his great-niece...

Told with wit, understanding, humour, love and romance - these Tales from the Heart, which have appeared in a range of popular women's magazines such as Woman's Weekly and My Weekly, are brought together in one collection for the first time.

Plus, as a special bonus, the first two chapters of Sophie's witty new novel, Divorce for Beginners!

My review

Sophie King is well known for her short stories, written for womens magazines. T he nice light hearted reads that you can read and finish over a cup of morning coffee or afternoon tea.
This is a book full of 20 wonderful warm hearted short stories. Short stories that start you off on one line of thinking, only to surprise you near the end.

It includes reads such as "Under My Feet". A story about someone who stay's at home to keep house whilst their partner goes out to work. Their partner then gets given early retirement, threatening to disrupt the smooth running household.. A daunting feeling when you've had the house all to yourself and suddenly you're going to have someone under your feet. I loved this feel good tale of families and relationships. It amazes me how an author can give you so much information on a family and their life, in such a short story, but still have a full story.

One of my favourite tales was set in wartime Britain, and was the tale of a music box, and how it was such a wanted gift of a child with inquisitive eyes. I always remember the thrill of being bought a music box by my grandparents when I was a child. This lovely tale is about several generations of a family coming together in trying times. It really leaves you with a warm feeling at the end of it.

All 20 of the stories in this book are light hearted tales, with feel good endings. Its an ideal book to keep, to dip in and out of when you have a few minutes to spare. You won't be disappointed and you'll always be left with a smile on your face at the end of each story.

About the author
Sophie King is the author of the The School Run, Mums @ Home, Second Time Lucky, The Supper Club and The Wedding Party. Her first short story collection, Tales from the Heart, has just been released, and her latest novel, Divorce for Beginners, will be published later this summer.
Sophie's books are aimed at teenagers, mums and grans, or anyone else who can identify with a chaotic family life. Sophie has three children, a dog, a cat and a sleepy terrapin – all of whom make her laugh or cry, depending on how she feels.
Sophie has a pen name to distinguish her novels from her journalism. As Jane Bidder, she has written for The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Express, The Daily Mail, Woman, Woman’s Weekly, My Weekly, Good Housekeeping and many other national publications.
She has interviewed several big celebrities including her childhood hero David Essex, Michael Palin, Penny Vincenzi, Deborah Moggach, Julie Walters, Nigel Havers, Carolyn Quentin, Lord Lichfield, Martina Cole, Linda Robson, Lesley Joseph, Barbara Taylor Bradford and countless others.

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