Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Book Review -- Letters to My Mother by Rebecca Heath

Title - Letters to My Mother

Author - Rebecca Heath

Format - Kindle

ASIN: B0041844MW

This book is written partly as a story where the main character is relating what happened to her in the past, and also as a series of letters written to her parents whilst she was at college, which she found amongst her mothers belongings, when clearing her house.

Kate is a naive 19yr old student at Washington State in Seattle. She takes on a job as a typist for Dr. Rosenau and they eventually start an affair. He is her first boyfriend, and she is still a virgin and very naive in the affairs of the heart. David is very gentlemanly and does not take advantage of her so it didn't feel sordid.

The story started off quite well, but it soon became fairly predictable and I could see where it was heading. Kate and David (Dr.Rosenau) went out on his boat, and for quite a good percentage of the start of the book there were numerous yachting terms, which I had to keep looking up the meaning of on my kindle and I got a bit bored of it. As I reached 20% of the book I was glad it had finally stopped.

I got annoyed by David calling Kate "Dear" and "Dearest", and asked my Dad if that is something men used to call their loved ones in those times, and he didn't feel it was. It just sounded very patronising to me.

I felt that the story could have been dragged out a bit more and felt that there was quite a big time gap at the end, and then an abrupt ending.

I did quite like the characters, and there was quite a good storyline to it, which kept me reading. Some more yachting did come into the equation but this did add to the story. I won't spoil it by saying what.

This book was given to me by the author to review. This is no way influenced my review and the words are all my own.