Monday, 2 July 2012

Book Review - The Missing by Karl Vadaszffy

Title - The Missing

Author - Karl Vadaszffy

Publisher - Peach Publishing

Format - Kindle edition

Length - 201 pages

 The story is about John and his girlfriend Jennie. He is taking her to London to the theatre as he plans to propose to her. He has not been with her long but he knows she's the one. They travel down to London by car and he pulls into the service station to use the bathroom. Jennie decides to stay in the car.

 When he gets back to the car she has gone. Thinking she may have changed her mind and gone to the bathroom he waits and waits..... Then he goes into the service station but she is nowhere to be found. She has disappeared into thin air. He rings the police who attend but don't believe him for different reasons. They tell him he is wasting police time.

He goes home and sets about looking for Jennie himself, but it's as if she never existed, hence why the police think he's making her up. Who is she? Does she exist or is she a killers next murder victim?

 This is an intriguing novel and you felt frustrated along with John, in that he couldn't trace her and no-one would believe him. Every dead end, frustrated you more, and you really empathised with his character. It did add to the suspense and intrigue and make you want to keep reading. At no stage did the book give away where it would all end, and it was literally right at the end of the book where it all started coming together. I really enjoyed the book as it kept you guessing, and I like the way it made you empathise with John all the way through.

I had never heard of this author but someone recommended the book on a facebook kindle page, so I thought I would give it a go. I like to try different authors. I was not disappointed.

A good read and a bargain price, especially on the kindle.