Sunday, 5 February 2012

Meet Indie author Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali & E-Book Give-away

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Today meet Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali

About the Author:

Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali lives and works in Houston, Texas as an oncology nurse. She is married and the mother to three brilliant artistic children who far outstrip her in intelligence.
She writes because she loves to and also because she has a story (or two, or three...) to tell.

How did you come to write An Unproductive Woman?

An Unproductive Woman was written almost fifteen years ago. At the time my children were young and our favorite affordable activity was our visits to the library. I read voraciously, willing to try almost any author or genre. I wrote AUW in reaction to what I was, at the time, scarcely able to find in contemporary literature trends. There were some alternative stories, and I devoured them, but I didnt see any representations of myself. In AUW, I wrote the type of story that I would have wanted to read, one that bravely strays away from our traditional western Judeo-Christian sensibilities and offers a valid alternative existence. I hope that Ive been successful

What were some of your influences?

AUW was influenced in great part by watching Nigerian movies. My husband, who is Nigerian, used to rent several each week. They were hyper dramatic and pretty awfully made, though in recent years they have improved greatly. By watching Nigerian dramas I learned a lot about African familial expectations, which are quite different from our own here in the west. I also wrote AUW to answer the question that was most often posed to me by those curious about my faith.

What would you do if your husband married a second wife?


After ten years of marriage, Asabe and Adam remain childless. Fueled by desperation and a long held secret, Adam marries a second wife. This decision acts as the catalyst to change no one could have predicted. Read An Unproductive Woman to learn what secrets Adam has withheld that would explain his unreasonable longing and pursuit of a son at all costs.
"Ive found the girl I intend to marry,” Adam announced two months prior. “I know that you do not want me to marry again, but I must. If it disturbs you, if you find it too painful, I will divorce you if you like; but I know of no other man who would want and unproductive woman.”

 Khaalidah is willing to give away three coupons to get AUW for free in ebook format to the first three people who email her.  Reviews requested

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