Friday, 30 December 2011

Book Review - One Summer in Malta -- Sue Moorcroft

Title:- One Summer in Malta

Author:- Sue Moorcroft

Version:- Kindle read

This is a lovely light hearted and fairly quick read. I have grown to love books by Sue Moorcroft and find them great books to sit and chill with.
This book is the story of Tina, who has become guardian to her 3yr old nephew Jack after her Sister and husband die. Tina takes herself and Jack off to stay with her friend Roslyn in Malta, who along with her family run a series of craft workshops. Tina takes up teaching day classes to students in one of the craft shops.
Whilst there, Roslyns brother also travels over from England after having a break from running his hotel in Oxford. Also Tina's other sister Claire arrives. Claire is paranoid about Jack being brought up by Tina and has her own thoughts on how he should be brought up which causes some conflict.
This is a nice chic-lit book, with the author describing her obvious knowledge of the beauty of Malta and it's people. The romantic tension between Tina and Roslyns brother and the tensions between Claire and Tina, are very well written. It is the perfect book to sit back and relax with. It's not a long book and I read it in a day, and it was a nice break from the normal thrillers I read.

My rating - 5/5 - Just for the fact it's a great book to chill out with