Monday, 22 August 2011

Where does time go?

Well I've 10 days off work (I only work part time) and I had all these great plans about sitting in the garden in the sunshine (if we had any). I was going to read to my hearts content. Well it hasn't quite worked out like I thought.

Sunday we went to my parents for a lovely Sunday dinner. I love my Mums cooking. Today I have been doing my laundry, gardening and housework, and then I went to do some voluntary work for the Youth offending Team.  I have just gone out to the garden to fetch my washing in and to water the garden and discovered that my FULL water butt had sprung a leak and near the bottom! So that means that I am going to have a very soggy garden tomorrow as it is a large water butt! Do Americans have water butts, as I know it means something entirely different there?

My plans for the week look hectic and not much scope for reading again. Tomorrow I am supposed to be taking my parents to a garden centre for a look around and some lunch but the weather is not sounding too good. Wednesday I have plans to make as the little slimming club I run is at my house this week. Think I may get the Wii fit out for some exercise for all ofus. I have just bought Wii Zumba which I am looking forward to having a go at. Thursday I have to finish my housework and my ironing or hubbie will have no shirts for work. Then at night I am going to the theatre to see "Top Hat" like the one with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Friday morning I am going to my cousins funeral, God bless him. This will be a sad day and I'm sure a get together for family who you don't see from one year to the next. Saturday.... Ooh I've realised I have no plans for Saturday! Great time to read, unless I come across another job that needs doing. I'm sure there will be one, but I may just ignore whatever it is! Then I am back at work on Sunday! So much for peace, relaxation and reading. Just be bedtime reading for me I suppose.

I really don't know how I had time to go to work full time. I do 9 ten hour days a month and that's it! Sometimes it's nice to go to work for a rest, if you can call being an emergency call handler for the police rest. I shouldn't moan though as I have some great special times with my parents in their older years, that I wouldn't have if I worked full time. I treasure these times.