Friday, 10 June 2011

Book Review -- The Stakeout by Elizabeth Hale

Title - The Stakeout (Audrey Roscoe Series)

Author - Elizabeth A Hale

Publisher - Createspace

Published - 22nd April 2011

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Benjamin Moore, that's Detective Moore, found his estranged wife Becca murdered in his home. He had been helping her move some of her things out of his home and when he got back home from her apartment he found her dead.

He instantly becomes a suspect, as is usually the case, but could he have done it? Could it have been the spurned lover? Or could it be one of Moore's colleagues? There are many suspects and you constantly change your mind over who you think it could be.

Bring in Detective Audrey Roscoe, Moore's work partner. Can she solve the murder before she becomes one of the murderer's victims herself? She's under review at work and is partnered by Detective Trudeau. Who is trying to sabotage the investigation?

For anyone who loves a good detective novel, then this is it. Sometimes I found the author was a bit too descriptive in some of her research, as if she had written it directly from a forensic text book, but this was only on the odd occasion and didn't spoil my overall enjoyment of this otherwise well written book. I look forward to other books in the series.


The author sent me this book to read and review but it did not in anyway influence my review, nor was I paid for my review.