Friday, 27 May 2011

Pondering on how to spend my day

I have hurt my back and the pain is travelling down to my hip and I'm suffering. I'm not seeking sympathy I hasten to add. I am just pondering on what I can do with my day off work.
I'm tired as I've been awake since 3am, so should I have a nap?
I am enjoying my book "Star Gazing" by Linda Gillard, so thinking maybe I should sit and read.
My kindle book collection needs organizing so I could do that.
Or I could go for a walk to help ease my back. Sitting at my computer is not helping, so this is a brief interlude to my reading.
I have a couple of books to review, that the author has asked me to review, but I am having a bit of a dilemma. I really didn't enjoy it! I found it childish in it's writing; apalling in it's grammar, and thoroughly un-interesting! What do I tell her? Should I be honest and fear upsetting her, but being honest to other readers? Or should I lie in order not to hurt her feelings, but deceiving other readers? What would you do? Please advise me on my dilemma!
I have several paperbacks to organise still. Which ones I want to BookCross and which ones to swap on readitswapit. I can't go lifting loads of books today though so that will have to take a back seat for now.
I think I'll read for a bit then off out for a walk. Please don't rain!