Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Rattle of the Letterbox

Does anyone else get that butterfly feeling, everytime the letterbox (mailbox) rattles with deliveries, just in case it's books that you're waiting for?

I am expecting some books that I've won in a competition, and some that I got for free.

I love my Kindle and I love that 1-click button on Amazon where I know my book is going to be delivered to my Kindle, but it's not the same excitement that you get when you know that some books are due through your letterbox.

No books received today but I did get my keenly awaited for "Graze Box". It has stopped me reaching for the chocolates so it has done me some good.

Don't forget if you want one of these boxes from "Graze" then click this link and when you order enter the code 5TGBH15 to get your free one. Not sure how long this offer is on for.

As my books didn't turn up I thought that maybe they'll come tomorrow and then realised it's a bank holiday and that there may not be any post!! So that's a delay of another day. Sometimes I really dislike Bank Holidays. Oh but then this one, we do get chocolate eggs, so maybe it has some benefits.