Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Note to self -- Must, must, must stop buying books everyday!

Well I found a good blog by an author  Dee Dee Scott about "indie" authors. She had some books on there from other Independent authors, so obviously I just had to have a look! I know, I'm weak!

I chose a couple which looked interesting to me.

One is a thriller type book, called "Burn Out" by Traci Hohenstein and also

 "Shiny Green Shoes" by Dana Taylor

Synopsis from Amazon.co.uk
A holiday short story for the whole family. 1935 was a hard year for America, especially on old Route 66 in Luther, Oklahoma. The unlikely friendship between a young black girl and an aged white woman bring hope to a town down on its luck.

I am loving these books from "Indie" Authors and feel happy that I have extended not only my reading genre but also my choice of authors, rather than being stuck reading the same authors all the time.

More reviews to do, so better go now and get reading!